The mission of the Northwestern-Fermilab Center for Applied Physics & Superconducting Technologies is to advance research on superconducting materials, from discovery of new superconductors to understanding the physics of superconductivity for applications at the forefront of accelerator science for high energy physics, to the development of superconducting quantum circuits for quantum sensing, quantum simulation and quantum computing.

CAPST research is multi-disciplinary, aimed at understanding of the physical processes limiting the performance superconducting RF cavities for high-energy particle accelerators for fundamental physics.

CAPST researchers grow ultra-high-quality single crystal and thin film superconductors for research ranging from fundamental studies of topological superconductivity to applications for SRF and quantum device technologies.[read more]

CAPST researchers are leaders in design, fabrication and characterization of superconducting  materials as devices for quantum sensing, quantum simulation and quantum computing.

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CAPST researchers are leaders in the theory of nonequilibrium superconductivity, superconducting quantum circuits and devices for quantum sensing, quantum simulation and quantum computing.

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From Qubits to Climate Change: Northwestern Quantum Experts See Powerful Potential

University’s quantum science strengths harness multidisciplinary talent. Imagine there are 20 playing cards laying side-by-side and face down on a table in front of you. You know that one of them is the queen of hearts, but you don’t know which one. To find it, you...

CAPST Co-Director Anna Grassellino is new deputy chief technology officer of Fermilab

On December 1st, 2019, CAPST co-director Anna Grassellino was named Deputy Chief Technical Officer at Fermilab. She will play a leadership role in Fermilab’s portfolio for advancing the key technologies in high-energy physics. Dr. Grassellino will oversee the...

Chiral Higgs Mode in Nematic Superconductors

The CAPST-Osaka Collaboration has just published a prediction of a novel Bosonic excitation as a signature of Nematic superconductivity in doped topological insulators. The paper appeared in Physical Review Letters, Dec. 3, 2019. Title: Chiral Higgs Mode in Nematic...

Fermilab launches new institute for quantum science

Laboratory to use particle physics expertise to kickstart quantum technology for computing, sensors, simulations and communication The nation’s premier particle physics laboratory has become a major player in the rapidly expanding field of quantum science and...

‘Dirty’ Superconductors Make Better Particle Accelerators

Northwestern researchers show how impurities can increase the maximum accelerating field of superconducting radio-frequency cavities, a finding with huge potential cost advantages. It turns out that imperfection may be the perfect way to push the limits of a key...